0.6 Litre Sharps Bin

sharps 0-6L
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The Sharpsafe 0.6 Litre container is designed to fit neatly into a bag or pocket. The product is specifically shaped to contain the maximum amount of sharps in the minimum amount of space. The flip-top lid combines security with ease of use whilst the final locking device ensures total security during transportation for final disposal. Optional brackets and stands available.  

Case of 100 0.6 Ltr Sharps Bins

1 Litre Sharps Bin

sharps 1L
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The 1 Litre is designed for low use areas such as with isolation patients. Alternatively, as the container features a needle notch and is sized to fit phlebotomy trays, the 1 Litre is an ideal product to accompany blood collection systems, or for use with the Sharpsafe procedure tray.  

Case of 100 1 Ltr Sharps Bins

2 Litre Sharps Bin

sharps 2L
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The 2 Litre container is designed to be taken to the point of use in conjunction with the Sharpsafe Tray. Alternatively, the locking stand makes the 2 Litre ideal for use in low usage areas.
Access to the 2 Litre containers is via the clear, self activating inner flap, designed to maximise safety whilst still maintaining a barrier to protect the user and prevent  spillage during use. The oval opening offers added water resistance and both temporary and final closure security features.


Case of 50 2 Ltr Sharps Bins

4 Litre Sharps Bin

sharps 4L
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The 4 Litre provides the ideal combination of portability and cost effectiveness in areas of medium to high usage.
The product benefits from features designed to enhance user safety both due to ease of use and optimal security. For example, the clear flap covering the aperture opens automatically to admit sharps yet provides a barrier against accidental spillage and inadvertent touching of the container`s contents.

Case of 50 4 Ltr Sharps Bins

7 Litre Sharps Bin

sharps 7L
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The 7 Litre shares the same features and benefits as the 4 Litre in a larger container which provides enhanced cost effectiveness in medium usage areas.

Case of 50 7 Ltr Sharps Bins

Wall Bracket For 4Ltr & 7Ltr Sharps Bins

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Wall brackets are secured to the wall by two screws (provided). The metal support drops down against the wall when container is not fitted. Suits 4 & 7 Litre Sharps Bins as above.

30 Litre Sharps Bin

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Litre for litre, this container provides the most cost effective means of disposing of sharps in high usage areas.

Case of 10 30 Ltr Sharps Bins