Seca 416

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Infantometer with raised sides and footpiece mounted on two rails, with wall mounting.

  • Measuring range 33-100cm/13-39"
  • Graduation 1mm
  • 1105 x 165 x 402mm
  • Weight 3kg

Seca 232

From head to toe - measuring made easy: Precision down to the milimetre is just one advantage of this mechanical rod for babies. Built in head and foot rests support the baby and offer measuring and weighing in only one step. Naturally it fits effortlessly onto the baby scales 335 and 336.
  • Measuring range: 35-80cm / 32"
  • Graduations: 1mm / 1/8"

Seca 207

Every milimetre counts: whether this baby measuring rod is fitted to the baby's changing table or is held comfortably, it will always be a pleasure to use. Not least thanks to the extra-wide measuring slides and precise head piece.
  • Measuring range: 0-99cm / 0-36"
  • Graduations: 1mm / 1/8"
  • cm/inch graduations
  • With wall storage device


Seca 210

Feels great: this skin-friendly and easy-care measuring mat is a space-saving and economical solution for easy, precise measuring of babies and small children, who can lie down comfortably on the seca 210.
  • Measuring range: 10-99cm / 4-36"
  • Graduations: 5mm / 1/4"
  • cm/inch graduations
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 140 x 1340mm
  • Weight: 500g

Seca 212

Head on: With its clever threading device this measuring tape for baby's head is perfectly suited for easy and comfortable measurements. But seca thinks ahead: Reversed, it becomes a handy device to determine face symmetry. The tape is non-stretching and resistant to disinfectants.
  • Measuring range: 5-59cm
  • Graduations: 1mm
  • 15 per pack
  • Dimensions Box (W x H x D): 142 x 142 x 30mm
  • Weight of pack: 67g