Ambu Stretcher/Transfer Mattress

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The Ambu Stretcher/Transfer Mattress is intended to facilitate patient transfer from one stretcher to another. Further-more, it can also be used as a comfortable stretcher mattress, its flexibility ensuring a good fit on the stretcher.

  • Equipped with unique rugged sliding material on the back of the mattresses, enabling smooth transfer of patient from mattress to another stretcher, trolley or X-ray facility.
  • The handles have an ergonomic grip and are reinforced to withstand the force required, The reinforcement also makes it possible to use the Ambu Stretcher/Transfer Mattress in a patient lifting device.
  • The mattress has a flexible inner plate to ensure correct fit on stretcher. No matter how the stretcher is positioned, the mattress is flexible and will follow the curves of the stretcher,
  • Robust weldings - fully welded without any open seams or textiles, making hygienic cleaning of the mattress easy.

The Ambu Stretcher/Transfer Mattress has got 6 handles on each side. It measures 195x50x6cm and weighs 5.3kg.

The fabric is PVC-coated and is flame retardant.

(5 units available)