HeartStart AED Trainer 2

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The Most Realistic CPR-Defibrillator Training Means The Best Prepared Responders

Philips AED Trainer 2 helps your responders learn to use the HeartStart FR2 automated external defibrillator (AED) in simulated sudden cardiac arrest episodes for an extremely realistic training experience. Your responders will be well prepared when sudden cardiac arrest strikes. The economical AED Trainer 2 looks and behaves like the FR2-series defibrillators, but cannot deliver an actual defibrillation shock.

Real-world training scenarios
The AED Trainer 2 is pre-configured with 10 realistic training scenarios that were developed in accordance with internationally recognised emergency responder training programs. For added flexibility, instructors can also design and configure three custom scenarios using the optional programming kit.

Complete instructor control
During training, the instructor can control the AED Trainer 2 in several ways. Training scenarios and speaker volume can be selected via the "up/down" keys on the face of the Trainer. And an optional remote control lets the instructor adjust the volume,select a scenario, pause and then resume the scenario in progress to give instruction, and override the scenario to test how students respond to a variety of situations they may encounter. The AED Trainer 2 comes equipped with one set of adult-size reusable training pads, a quick refer-ence instruction card, a user guide, and a carrying case. Infant/child training pads are available.

Programming Kit for AED Trainer 2

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Programming kit includes PC software on CD and standard female/male RS-232 serial port cable for connecting trainer to PC. Enables reconfiguration of AED Trainer 2 parameters, program languages, and creation of custom training scenarios.

Remote Control for AED Trainer 2

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Optional remote control for easy instructor control of any number of Trainer 2 units. One remote can manage as many AED Trainer 2 units as needed. Remote functions include: volume control, pause and resume, choice of 10 programmed and 3 custom scenarios, scenario override

Training and Admin Pack

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When equipped with the rechargeable training and administration pack, the FR2-series defibrillator acts as a trainer. Its shock delivery capability is disabled while you train with nine realistic scenarios. In addition to training, the pack allows qualified medical personnel to reconfigure the defibrillator's behavior to your specific cardiac arrest protocol.
Please note: Admin Pack Charger must also be purchased for this item to function

Admin Pack Charger

Charger for Training and Admin Pack

AED Training Pads

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Simulated FR2 series defibrillator pads designed for training only. These pads are non-conductive and cannot be used to defibrillate. 1 pair only.

AED Training Pads - Paediatric

Training pads used for training purposes for responders practicing the use of FR2 series Defibrillator to defibrillate children. No shock can be delivered. Can be used with the FR2 (in training mode) or the AED Trainer 2. Pads feature a yellow teddy bear connector and a red warning label to distinguish them from the actual Infant/Child Reduced-Energy Defibrillator Pads. 1 pair only.

AED tray for data card

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AED tray for data card. Houses AED data card when inserted into AED.

Data Card in Tray

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The 16 mb data card holds approximately 8 hours of incident and ECG information, or one hour with voice recording. A flash data card reader enables data transfer from the card to a personal computer for use with Philips HeartStart Event Review data management software. This product can only be used in conjunction with the Event Review data management software - this is available below.

Event Review Pro. Data Management Software

Enables Philips Medical Systems Defibrillator users to manage Cardiac event data through the internet. HeartStart FR2 with 12 lead ECG. Required by Data Card in Tray (Available above)

Event Review Software (Stand-alone application)

HeartStart Event Review 3.1 software provides an easy-to-use, data management solution for electronically reporting and managing your defibrillation data. Event Review provides reliable presentation of ECG data, shock decisions, audio (if available), and other event information to meet your needs, whether you are interested in data collection, case review, response analysis, data trending, or emergency program evaluation. Efficient management of defibrillation data provides critical details that can help ensure the quality and consistency of defibrillation therapy, enable the security and accuracy of event records, and improve emergency response and training programs. 

Carrying Case - foam, semi-rigid, red

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A red cordura, semi-rigid carrying case is available to hold the device as well as spare battery and up to 3 sets of pads.

Vinyl Carrying Case

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An “easy-to-clean” vinyl carrying case.

HeartStart FR2 wall mounting bracket

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The Wall Mount Bracket is designed specifically for holding a Philips defibrillator and its accessories. The defibrillator's carrying case can be tethered to the Wall Mount Bracket with a breakaway Secure-Pull Seal, to discourage tampering. A broken seal indicates that the defibrillator has been used or removed from the Wall Mount and accessories may need to be replenished.

Secure-Pull Seal for Wall mount (Pack of 10)

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Pack of 10 Secure-Pull Seals for the HeartStart Wall mount. A broken or tampered seal could mean that stocks need replenishing.

AED Wall Sign

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Plastic 2 Sided 7" x 10" including bracket.

FR2 ECG Assessment Module, 3 wire cable, IEC lead colours

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Ideal where manual defibrillators and monitors are impractical, the Philips FR2 ECG Assessment Module enables the professional responder to use the HeartStart FR2 Defibrillator to assess the heart rhythms of conscious and/or breathing patients who may be in cardiac distress. With this reusable unit, caregivers knowledgeable in reading ECG rhythms can use the defibrillator's display to view the Lead II ECG rhythm of a patient who may be experiencing dizziness, chest discomfort, or becomes unconscious but is still breathing.****

If arrhythmias are observed, or the patient's status changes, the responder can proactively determine the next steps. And if the patient goes into cardiac arrest during monitoring, the responder can react immediately by switching to defibrillation pads, potentially reducing the time to deliver defibrillation therapy and improving the outcome.

****FR2+ ECG screen is not suitable for diagnostic and ST-segment interpretation.

Quick Reference Card, FR2, English

Laminated 1-2-3 instructions inserted inside FR2 carrying case.

Users Guide, HeadStart FR2, English

User's Guide illustrates the key parts of the FR2 defibrillator the user would interact with. The guide also reviews how to prepare the defibrillator for use, using the defibrillator, troubleshooting, testing and maintaining the defibrillator, clinical and safety considerations, setup and advance mode features, data management and review, accessories, technical specification and much more.