Ambu Airway Management Trainer

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The Ambu Airway Management Trainer is designed for teaching all intubation techniques.

The accurate simulation of the mouth, nostrils, teeth, tongue, pharynx, epiglottis, voal cords, trachea, oesophagus and lungs, coupled with realistic movement of the head, cervical spine and jaw simulating relevant anatomical changes during intubation, makes it the most realistic Airway Management Trainer on the market.

The left side of the head is cut away so a student's perfomance caa be supervised and the walls of the pharynx and trachea are transparent, enabling the student to follow the tube down the throat.

  • Training is possible with endotracheal tubes, nasotracheal tubes, laryngeal mask, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airways; you can train all intubation techniques
  • Teeth alarm. Excessive pressure on the front teeth by the laryngoscope activates an acoustic signal
  • Stomach alarm. The alarm is activated when ventilating with a tacheal tube placed incorrectly in the oesophagus
  • Easy access to airways. The head can be lifted and tilted
  • Jaw thrust procedure can be done

Technical Data
Size: 40 x 24 x 35 cm (with bag)
Weight: 9kg

The following tubes are recommended:
Endotracheal tube - 8mm
Nasotracheal tube - 7mm
Laryngeal mask - sizes 3 and 4
Oropharyngeal airway - 7mm
Nasopharyngeal airway - 6mm
Suction tube - 4mm
Stomach tube - 9mm

Ambu Airway Management Trainer in soft bag with lubricant, brush and pillow.

Ambu IV Trainer

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the Ambu I.V Trainer is for training the insertion of cannulas and catheters, the infusion of fluids and the injection of medication, bloody sampling, and pulse measurement.

Ambu IV Trainer Features

  • Replaceable skin and veins are made of natural latex, which features hole closure after penetration, extending the lifetime of the arm
  • The movable wrist and rotating arm ensure an absolutely realistic training product, especially when a catheter is placed on the back of the hand
  • The valve system reduces the formation of air pockets in blood vessels
  • The indicator panel, which represents each blood vessel, gives immediate feedback e.g. if an infusion has been correctly accomplished
  • The multi-purpose carry case serves both as a washable underlay and as a protective carry case. It also includes a bracket so that an infusion stand can easily be mounted
  • The I.V. arm can be mounted on all ambu Man manikins

Ambu IV Trainer
Infusion stand
Red dye concentrate 
Talcum Powder
5ml and 50ml syringes
Carry case/washable underlay

Ambu Cardiac Care Trainer System

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The Ambu Cardiac Care Training Manikin has been designed for training Advanced Life Support in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) algorithms and teamwork, either indoors or on location in field situations.


  • Ambu Cardiac Care is modular expandable, meaning that you can invest gradually, updating the system as you go along
  • The manikin has the well tested mechanical monitoring system that gives you instant feedback on ventilation volume, stomach inflation, chest compression depth in mm and incorrect hand positioning
  • The chest rigidity is adjustable so that different body builds can be simulated
  • Ambu Cardiac Care has flexible defib electrodes so that you can train on this manikin in conjunction with all the leading brands of defibrillator
  • Intubation with ordinary oral tube, laryngeal mask and combitube is possible
  • 4 ECG leads
  • If the IV trainer is attached, diversion and IV training can be taught and practiced, making the whole scenario more realistic
  • Ambu CPR Software Kit and Printer or the New USB interface can be connected

Ambu ECG Box

  • Ambu ECG Box simulates as many as 26 different rhythms and 2 artefacts, giving a wide range of ECG options
  • The ECG Box has two optional power sources: an internal battery pack or an external 9V AC adapter giving you the flexibility to train on location and the security of knowing that the system will always work even if the batteries are low or missing

Price includes ECG Box and Hard Case