Merlin Mini Resuscitation Kit

Provides the essentials for emergency aspiration & resuscitation.
Kit contains:
Merlin re-usable resuscitation bag & mask complete with Oxygen reservoir & tubing.
Res-Q-Vac emergency manual aspirator.
Size 1, 2 & 3 airways.
3 pairs of disposable Nitrile gloves (Small, Medium & Large).
Biohazards bag.
Attractive, lightweight carry bag with handle & shoulder strap

Res-Q-Vac Aspirator

Each time you use a standard suction pump on a patient with unknown pathology, you risk being exposed to their diseases. These pathogens would also contaminate the pump handle, forcing you to dispose of the entire unit.

With the Res-Q-Vac with Full-Stop protection, the built in 0.22 micron filter protects you from all biohazards like viruses (Hepatitis, TB, HIV, SARS) and bacteria and also protects the reusable pump handle from fluids or any contamination. You will be able to safely re-use the pump handle and only need to buy a new catheter/canister kit for the next use.
The Res-Q-Vac with Full Stop protection will actually end up costing you less & keeping you safer.

Standard version also available.

Mini Aspirator

This mains operated mini suction pump is ideal for tracheotomy evacuation. The twin bottle design protects the pump from fluid ingress whilst the maintenance free auto lubricating piston motor with thermal protection ensures trouble free running.
  • Bottle size - 250ml
  • 65/72 kPa total vacuum
  • Size 22 x 19 x 12cm
  • Weight 2.5kg

3A Aspeed Aspirator

  • Robust piston type electronic aspirator
  • Compact Design for efficient & effective functional aspiration
  • Requires no maintenance or lubrication
  • Ideal for use in general practice, nursing homes & occupational health etc.
  • High performance & great durability
  • Protective thermal cutout relay
  • Effective vacuum level from 0 to -0.85 bar.
  • Available in single & double pump versions
  • Motor protector cap prevents liquids/secretions reaching/damaging pump.

Technical information Single/Double Pump Type

  • Ad. Vacuum level: 0/0.85 bar.
  • Air flow: 15Lpm (single pump). 22Lpm (double pump).
  • Dimensions: 18.5cm x 33cm x 21cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Continuous use


500 cc bottle with motor-protector cap & with the silicone connection tube, connection cable, tube & valve for manual adjustment.

OB2012 Portable Suction Unit

Larger picture
  • New medical suction unit, modern & compact
  • Silent, powerful double piston motor
  • 2 collection jars available
  • 1000 ml jar with disposbale liner (Abbott) & integrated protection filter & shut-off valve
  • 1000 ml autoclavable jar with protection filter & shut-off valve
  • Air-Flow: > 30lt. (High Vacuum - High Flow).
  • Adjustable Suction with analogic guage 0 to >800 mbar (80 kPa).
  • 45 minutes autonomy
  • Double Safety Fuse
  • ABS Case shock resistant
  • Electronic circuit allows direct operation through 12VDC Vehicle sourcen & the total recharging of the battery from any 12V Source or any 220VCA with suitable battery charger.
  • Available optional wall bracket with integrated car cable to the external 12V source.
  • Dimension: 350mm x 120mm x 245mm. Weight: 4.9kg
  • 3 year warrenty
  • CE 0434 Certified