SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT)

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The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is one of the two tactical tourniquets authorized for purchase by the U.S. Army. This product proved to be 100% effective during USAISR testing.

The SOFTT is constructed of quality, high strength materials. The tourniquet handle is manufactured from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum and maintains its strength in the most extreme temperatures. The tri-rings are molded Acetyl (a high impact plastic). Dual locking systems guarantee that tension is maintained at all times, and the primary system has a back up of its own should it be necessary. Safety set screw prevents accidental release of pressure during tactical patient movement.

No Velcro® is used to maintain tension. This greatly reduces the chance of accidental release of the tourniquet during patient movement. The buckle performs well when dirty, muddy or sandy. Both safety screw and the buckle are factory coated with a rust preventative lubricant.

C-A-T (Combat Application Tourniquet)

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The Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T™) is a true one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes arterial and venous blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage.

The C-A-T™ uses a windlass system with a free moving internal band to provide true circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once tightened and bleeding has stopped, the windlass is locked in place. A Velcro® strap is then applied for further securing of the windlass during casualty evacuation.

Quickly controls life-threatening extremity bleeding
Small and lightweight