A&D UA-767 Digital Arm Pressure Monitor (Automatic)

Accuracy of the UA-767 has been clinically validated. The simplest one-touch operation of this unit offers the user precise BP results. The 3-line display shows all the readings (systolic, diastolic and pulse) simultaneously. There can be no mistakes or confusion when reading the results.

The UA-767 has one button operation : Power-on, start, pressurization at preset level, automatic measurement, display of systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings and heart rate, automatic cuff deflation and unit shut off are all accomplished with the push of only one button.

The Easy to Read, Liquid Crystal Display simultaneously displays systolic/diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, giving the user instantaneous readings of all critical data.


  • Measures & simultaneously displays Systolic, Diastolic & Pulse
  • New large & easy-to-read, wide angle LCD display
  • Fully automatic, one button pressurization, measurement & exhaust
  • New, low-noise cuff inflation pump
  • Automatic re-pressurization function
  • Hospital accuracy oscillometric method using advanced algorithm
  • Extra sensitive pressure sensor
  • Automatic power-off function to preserve battery life
  • Compact & light weight
  • Battery operation using 4 "AA" type batteries. Allows approximately 6 months of use (at 3 daily measurements)