Cardimeter CU-PH1

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The CU-PH1 is the highly portable three-lead ECG monitor. The device weighs only 230 g (including the 2 AAA
batteries). The user has the choice between chest and hand electrodes. When the hand electrodes are used, the device is capable of acquiring and displaying Lead I ECG only.

Complete with ECG Cable (3 lead), ECG Electrodes, Battery (1.5V LR03 AAA Type), Operator's manual & diagnostic guide.

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Cardiometer CU-PH1 Software for data managing with Key_File (UART Cable Included)

Cardiometer CU-PH1 ECG Electrodes (50ea)

Cardiometer CU-PH1 - Carrying Case

i-Viewer CU-PH2

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The i-Viewer CU-PH2 is a portable, battery operated, 5-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) and SPO2 monitoring device. It has a high resolution (320x240 pixels) liquid crystal display (LCD). One of the leads and the plethysmographic wave is displayed simultaneously.

Complete with AC Adaptor, Power Cord, AA Battery, 5-Lead ECG Cable, Sp02 Probe (Nellcor), ECG Electrode & Operator's Manual.

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i-Viewer PH2 Software for data managing with Key_File (UART Cable Included)

i-Viewer PH2 ECG Electrodes (50ea)

i-Viewer PH2 Sp02 Probe (Nellcor)