Millenia Board

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Full Patient Immobilisation

A modern board developed in ABS high impact resistant plastic, the Millennia Backboard offers full body immobilisation to casualties with suspected spinal injuries. Manufactured from a lightweight material. The plastic finish facilitates easy cleaning. Supplied complete with four speed clip patient restraints. The Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser is recommended for use with this board when dealing with suspected spinal injuries.

Weight: 7 kg
Length: 183 cm
Maximum Load: 159 kg


Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser

Designed to help maintain a patient's position with comfort and minimise further injury to the head and neck. May be used with the Ferno Millennia Backboard, the Ferno Rescue Splint and the Scoop. Consisting of a base plate, two head pads and two head straps. Velcro secures the head pads onto the base. Holes in each head pad allow monitoring of blood and fluid loss. Head straps provide maximum lateral support. Waterproof finish to prevent the absorption of body fluids. X-Rays may be taken with the Immobiliser in place.

Weight: 1 kg
Length: 25 cm

Aqua Board

The Ferno Aquaboard has been designed and developed in conjunction with the RLSS UK for the rescue of casualties with suspected spinal injuries from swimming pools and leisure centres. The Aquaboard is used to immobilise a casualty in the water and then recovery on the poolside. Neoprene Back Support attaches to the board and prevents the casualty from slipping once strapped to the board. Instructions for patient positioning printed on the support. A special design feature allows the board to float up and under the casualty. The injured patient may remain on the Aquaboard while X-Rays take place. Existing users of the Aquaboard may purchase the Aqua Strapping System as an individual item. Complete with instructional video.

Weight: 8 kg
Length: 183 cm
Maximum Load: 182 kg

Heated Rescue Splint

Multifunctional Splint
This multifunctional splint is ideal for land, sea or air rescues. It provides rapid full body immobilisation, may be used as a stretcher for horizontal and vertical lifts and helps protect against hypothermia. The splint wraps around the casualty to provide both immobilisation and comfort. Designed for use with the Head Immobiliser. Colour coded restraints help with quick application. Suitable for open water rescues in the sea, rivers or lakes. Available with an optional heated element to help combat hypothermia. Fully programmable via a digital thermostat using a 12V, 24V or 240V (optional). May be pre-warmed when folded away prior to the rescue. Rucksack style carry bag. Optional lifting harness. Optional 'Defender' wraps around the stretcher underside to provide protection when used on rugged terrain.

Weight: 14.5 kg
Length: 195 cm
Maximum Load: 350 kg