Lifting Scoop Plus

Used for lifting injured patients off the ground and onto a trolley. State-of-the-art stretcher, moulded from high density polymer with aluminium arms combining to give maximum strength with minimum weight. Using the specially designed twin safety lock hinges the Scoop clips together quickly and easily, ready for use in seconds.
  • Separates into two pieces that fold in half for easy storage.
  • Constructed from heat, cold and corrosion resistant materials.
  • Patient restraints enable full immobilisation for safety on the move.

Bag also available for convenient carrying and storage as well as a body harness and head pad for patient comfort.

Length: 201cm, Width: 43cm, Depth: 8cm, Weight: 8kg, Max Load: 159kg

Lifting Scoop

High Density Stretcher

Recognised as an industry standard, the Ferno Scoop is ideal for rescues of all types, designed to be placed underneath the casualty without the need for lifting or logrolling. The contoured surface supports and immobilises the patient reducing risk of further injury. The lightweight alloy construction, built in handholds and narrow foot frame facilitate easy handling and quick transfer. By extending the foot section, this stretcher can be quickly and simply adapted to fit various sizes of casualty. The concave surface cradles the patient, helping to prevent lateral movement. The spinal column can be X-Rayed while the patient is on the Scoop. Patient security and comfort is enhanced with the application of three quick release patient restraints. When not in use, the Scoop folds neatly in half for discreet stowage. A Head and Body harness are also available as optional extras. Optional wall brackets enable the Scoop to be horizontally stored in a vehicle.

Weight: 8 kg
Minimum Length: 120 cm
Maximum Load: 159 kg