Travel-Safe Emergency Medical Kit

Essential equipment for the International Traveller
International travellers face an increasing and serious risk of infection from a number of highly contagious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis. Too many people assume that these diseases are only contracted either through sexual contact or from drug abuse. Whilst this is still possible, there is another, very real way of coming into contact with potentially lethal diseases. In many countries, the sterility of some medical equipment is not guaranteed. This means that the most common of medical treatments, such as a visit to the dentist or doctor can present a considerable risk to the traveller. There have been a number of cases highlighted in the press where patients have contracted such diseases through instrument contamination.

The ORIGINAL ‘TRAVEL-SAFE EMERGENCY MEDICAL KIT’ has been designed specifically to protect, and potentially save the life of the international traveller. The exclusive purpose designed fold out travel organiser contains sterile medical equipment should you need any treatment - including dental - whilst abroad. The organiser can be belt worn and is made from strong water repellent nylon. Made to look like a travel accessory, the kit has been designed to be kept at hand AT ALL TIMES when travelling. A patient record card and instructions to the doctor and customs officers in the ten major languages of the World is provided along with British government booklets offering Health Advice to Travellers. There is ample space within the organiser should you want to add any additional items.

The kit contains;

Sterile assorted syringes, Sterile assorted needles (including dental), Sterile intravenous cannula (for drips etc.), Sterile suture (for stitching), Sterile assorted wound closures, Sterile pre-injection swabs, Sterile non-adherent wound dressings, Surgical tape, Sterile assorted adhesive dressings, Patient record card in ten languages, British Dept. of Health "Travel Safe", wallet card, British Dept. of Health “Health Advice for Travellers”, booklet - (contains necessary information about hazards, inoculations, medical cover) etc.