ResT.E.D. Graduated Compression Stockings


Helps prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

ResTED Graduated Compression Hosiery are socks which gently squeeze the wearers legs. The greatest compression is at the ankle, gradually decreasing as it goes up the leg. This graduated compression prevents leg swelling by countering pressures inside the leg and by promoting blood flow back to the heart rather than allowing it to pool in the legs. Not only will these lower your risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (or 'Economy Class Syndrome'), but it will also reduce ankle swelling, general leg fatigue, and leg discomfort.

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Available in three colours.


Travel-Safe Legserciser

Help stimulate blood flow to your lower limbs
This patented device has been designed to help stimulate blood flow to your lower limbs and thus help prevent deep vein thrombosis.  By partially inflating the twin air chambers and placing on the floor, the 'Legserciser' is used to exercise your calf muscles which in turn help the blood to circulate more efficiently around your limbs.  Unlike other similar items the 'legserciser' has the added advantage of a ribbed top surface to help stimulate blood flow through sole of the foot - where the problem starts - as well as an optional re-usable heat pack.  When placed inside one of the purpose designed pockets the heat pack causes a temperature differential which also helps stimulate blood flow.  This is particularly relevant if your flight is for three hours or more. The heat pack can be 'recharged' in a matter of minutes, ready to be used again.  The underside of the legserciser is made from a slip resistant material designed to grip to most carpets.  Available in single or twin packs, with or without heat packs.