I.V. Injection Arm Trainer

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This injection arm, made of 3B 'SKINlike' silicone, is unique in quality and design and allows realistic training to teach competence to medical staff. It is also very suitable for group instruction because its high quality, stain resistance and easy-to-clean soft material. It is ideal for practicing intravenous injection, correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling (veins that can be punctured: basilic vein, cephalic vein, median cubital vein, dorsal venous rete of hand) and postioning of a venous catheter.

Delivered with stand, artificial blood, 2 replacement tubing systems, plastic bottle, syringe and deluxe storage carton.

Replacement items available.

Replacement Options for "I.v. Injection Arm"

Replacement items and options for the I.v. Injection Arm.

Ambu IV Trainer

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AmbuĀ® I.V. Trainer is meant for training insertion of cannulas and catheters, infusion of fluids, injection of medication, blood-sampling and pulse measurement.

Features replaceable skin and veins are made of natural latex, which features hole closure after penetration, extending the lifetime of the arm. The movable wrist and rotating arm ensure absolutely realistic training, especially when a catheter is placed on the back of the hand.

The fluid reservoir is built into the training arm, avoiding a separate reservoir taking up space. The valve system reduces the formation of air pockets in blood vessels. Multi-purpose carry case serves both as a washable underlay and as a protective carrying case. It also incorporates a bracket for easy mounting of infusion stand. The indicator panel represents each blood vessel, giving immediate feedback if e.g. an infusion is correct.

The I.V. Trainer can be mounted on all Ambu Man models. Length of arm: 68 cm Carry case dimensions: 75 x 15 x 11 cm Weight: 3.0 kg Reservoir capacity: 260 ml.

Ambu Intubation Trainer

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The Ambu Airway Management Trainer is for teaching Intubation techniques with all known tubes and supraglottic airway devices

The most realistic Airway Management Trainer on the market, with Anatomic correct design
Active supervision of student's performance
All Intubation techniques
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Anatomic correct design Accurate simulation of mouth, nostrils, teeth, tongue, pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea, oesophagus and lungs.
Realistic lifting and tilting of head gives you the right feel.
Realistic movement of the head, cervical spine and jaw simulate relevant anatomical changes during intubation.
Active supervision of student's performance
The left side of the head is open, permitting supervision of the student's performance. The walls of the pharynx and trachea are transparent, enabling the student to follow the tube down the throat. Acoustic signals triggered by excess pressure on the teeth help the student to correct mistakes. If desired, signal sensitivity can be adjusted. Intubation difficulty can be adjusted so that different patient types can be simulated.

All Intubation techniques. Training is possible with:

  • Orotracheal tubes
  • Laryngeal Masks
  • Combitube
  • Nasotracheal tubes
  • Nasopharyngeal tubes
  • Endotracheal tubes
  • Guedel airways

Delivered in a soft bag.
Dimensions (with carrying soft bag) 50 x 24 x 31 cm.
Weight: 5 kg.

The following tubes are recommended:
Endotracheal tube 8 mm.
Nasotracheal tube 7 mm.
Laryngeal mask, sizes 3 and 4.